Trained in qualitative and quantitative research. Extensive experience collecting data, conducting analysis, identifying questions and problems. Classic skill in coding and reporting for interdisciplinary research projects. Specific skills in archiving artifacts with photogrammetry, and 3D software for virtual and immersive review. Published academic writing and full new media documentation of research processes and outcomes. Experienced fundraising and new media budget management for research projects.


  • BeeWise – CSU Extension, Pueblo County – Recipient of the eXtension Foundation Innovation Grant 2017. Project features, 21st Century Beekeeping program that integrates Internet of Things (IoT), Maker Ed and Citizen Science. (Project PI)
  • Masters Thesis – University of New Mexico – Interaction and Disciplinary Design Education Activity (IDDEA). Designing for immersive technology engaging STEM and the arts. (2015)
  • Rio Verde Archaeology – University of Colorado at Boulder. Managed project documentation budget, and grant writing for documentation. Collected and organized documentation video and photography of artifacts and archaeology dig sites. Created website, video and fulldome game demo archiving the project digitally. (2011-2014)
  • Interactive Dome – University of New Mexico – Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTSLab). Developed curriculum aligned to research questions, collected data, archived artifacts, coding, reporting and documentation of project on project website. Created immersive interactive examples as part of the innovation research team. (2012-2014)
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). Documentary artist for Student Dust Counter, New Horizons Mission to Pluto, TIMED and SEE projects. Conducted video interviews of scientists and engineers, captured instrument build moments, edited video, created flash interface for website to present video interviews. (2004-2005)



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